Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Checking In....Rambling/Blog To Check Out

I don't really have much to post about because I'm a little sick...nausea AGAIN! So I just wanted to let all you beauties know that I plan on doing A Christmas look every week until the big day. Also if you want to add me on myspace, my addy is and you can just put something in like PGW (prettygirlsworld) or I can know who you are. I've been laying around all day not doing S&%!. It's cold...I'm hungry and I want some cake..yes I said cake *blinks* with ice cream...have a good evening ladies :) BTW... you guys should go check out one of the beautiful bloggers on my list. Brook Lynne Carter...her blog is the ish and she's drop dead gawgusss! Here is her link She's real and is on point :) ♥


Karma Cee said...

hope u get better...and i love mz cater's blog!! it is the ish. cant wait to see your looks. be sure to check mine out too!!

Pharoahs Angel said...

You are not lying...I just popped in her blog & it is fiya!

brook lynne carter. said...

awww doll, thank u so much. that was a nice shot out..i appreciate the love, i hope to get a hot layout like yours one of these