Thursday, October 30, 2008


I've been dealing with horrible nausea for like 3 days straight! That's one thing I can't deal with, I can take having a cold or a headache but NAUSEA!!!! ohhh nooo!! Because it stuck with you, and it's one of those things that has to run it's course :( Oh well...I'm at home eating crackers, once again, I hope all you pretty ladies are having a Blessed Day :). My birthday is 2moro so I may not get a chance to wish you all a happy and safe weekend! Happy Halloween and God bless!

P.S. I'm going to have quite a few hauls coming up for the next couple days and some videos as well! Great things are coming to The Pretty Girls World :)

GettinG 2 Know Me ;)

Where do you get your clothes and shoes? hmmm...I am very picky. If I'm shopping for jeans then they really have to be pricey...simply because I have to much going on in the back and I cant wear cheapies...Stores?! I'm open to any store as long as it catches my eye.

What is your everyday skin regimen? Cleanse morning and night, followed by day/night lotion with toner.

What shampoo do you use? I cowash (conditioner wash) I'm going natural so shampoo right now is a nono.

What do you put in your hair before you style it? Leave In Con. and some type of oil.

How many shoes do you have? I don't even know...

How many bags do you have? don't know that one either

What is your favorite snack? Ice Cream Sand.

When did you start collecting makeup? years ago

Are you a makeup artist? On my way...

Do you like Beyonce? The girl has major skills!

Color i use for foundation? NC50...that's only when i put it on.

Do you have a myspace? Yep :)

How often do i clean my brushes? Alot

Do you use heat on your hair? Not anymore

Are you in a relationship? Yes, almost 2 years...he worships the ground I walk on.. I LOVE HIM!

Kids? :).... a stepson.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Decorating My MAC Palette/My Everyday Colors Palette

I'm not normal, lol...I have to "pink" everything ya' know :) I put some heart stickers all over my MAC's I had to spruce it up :) I picked the 15 shades that I use in my all the time/go looks! They are as followed...

Expresso...Waternymph...Eyepopping...Sumptious Olive...Parfait Amour
Electric Eel...Coppering...Casino...Tempting...Post Haste

And Electra...not included.

I love all my other MAC colors, but this palette contains my all time favs!

Emani Minerals

Here is a quick review on Emani Minerals, I found the most beautiful pink pigment! I'm sad that I only picked up one! Boo! Anyway, here is a picture and a swatch...I didn't use any primer so you can see how pigmented it is. I googled their products and found a couple right ups on them. Enjoy :)


I have to have these, enough said....

Face Moment....

I can honestly say I have to do something about my "bags" **GROWLS** I hate having that tired look. Although people think I'm crazy when I say that, I notice them! But just goes to show you not everyone can have a perfect face, right?! This look is simple, simply because I didn't want to spend that much time on my face today. I only used 2 shadows, NYX Cherry and Golden Lemon pigment by MAC. Some BTFL and mascara..WHATTT NO LASHES!! No...I didn't feel like bothering with those today either :)

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Because There Is A Diva In Us All....

Another one coming from!

Shoes- 28.80


Top- 19.80

Few Reasons Why I'm Smiling Today :)!

*****God is Good!******
1. Because my BDAY is Friday...WOOHOO
2. Because I'm receiving some products from a few people to give reviews on, some mineral products from Michelle...MUFE items and a mascara from MK.
3. I'm getting pampered by my babes this treatment...ahhhhh!
4. I'm loving what I'm learning to do with my hair, I've developed a natural mind lol.
5. Holidays coming up, get to see my parents!!!

Hmmm...that may be it, I'm just in a really good mood today :) Nothing like a good prayer and warm feelings on the inside to start the day of right.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Perfect Bday Outfit

Browsing Forever 21 I came across this cute little fall dress, caught my eye LIKE THAT! Paired it with some cute little purple pumps...I think I'm going to be happy :)

NHI (Natural Hair Inspiration) Of The Day

I'm inspired once again! the reason why I am continuing my NHJ!! The picture speaks for itself :) The beautiful Jill Scott rocking her beautiful twist outs...

MUFE Sample...

Ladies, if you've been wondering about MakeUp For Evers HD Foundation well you can get a few free samples! I called today and the lady i spoke with was sooo nice :) If you have a Sephora near you can go there as well. I'm in rush mode and i want mines now lol. I have to travel an hour to our nearest Sephora! Can't wait, as soon as I get the samples i will do a review.

Im So Excited :)

My BDAY is coming up this Friday and I've been holding off for a few things, my boyfriend and I will be heading out on the weekend to do some shopping AHHHHHHH!!! LOL...sooo, one place that is a MUST is SEPHORA! I want to try out some new things, I'm a MAC girl at heart but, I have to try new things right?! One of the things I want to pick up is Urban Decay's Book Of Shadows. The colors seem to be off the hook (I hope) it comes with their primer, the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion, which I have yet to try. Another thing I want is some good ole' NARS blush. I am a sucker for blush, and you can never have to many! I prefer the peachy blushes, and some shades of pretty pinks. Hmmm....what else, oh yeh...BRUSHES! I need new brushes for sure, so FRIDAY I will be out spending by BDAY with my babes and stepson and then SATURDAY its off for some shopping...WOOHOOO BABY!....

Pretty Girls, have a blessed day :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hair Recipes...

Here are a few recipes that I have...been wanting to try them for forever SOOOOO what better time than now, right??!

Stop hair brittleness and breakage with soy milk. It nourishes the cuticle to restore strength and flexibilty. Combine one-half cup soy milk and three-tablespoons of cornstarch. Comb through wet hair and let stand ten minutes. Rinse well.

Avocado Egg Conditioner
1/2 of Avocado (depending on hair length more)1 Egg2 Tbsp. Olive OilMix it together and apply throughout hair; place a cap or bag on your head and leave on overnight for best results.Wash out with shampoo and conditioner in the morning and watch the shine in your hair glow. If not overnight, try for about 45-60 min

Friday, October 24, 2008

3 Must Haves Before 09!

Blush Set from Coastal Scents!

1. Contour & Blush Palette from Coastal Scents

Both these babies are under 20 bucks! Im also wanting the 88 Palette....Sweeeeettt :)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

LOTD and Braidout Day 1

Here are my results from last nights braidout, the only thing i used was CON Leave In Cond! I must say my hair has NEVER been so soft DRY! In inlove ;)

Here is my LOTD as well, using...
Sumptious Olive
Babydoll l/g from VS
Peachtwist Blush
Loreal Rosy Outlook blush

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

6 Weeks Post Relaxer...Updated

Did the braidout again today, as I stated earlier..this is a part of my regimen. Im excited because i have some newgroth! Im not using any growth aids just patience and babying my hair :) I Cowashed and added EVOO, then applied some LIC (nickle size) to my hair. I will post results when i take it down once again. Nite nite pretty ladies :).

Finally..I Have A Regimen!

First off... I AM TRANSITIONING! Soo, with that said i am finally ready to go lol. I will wear braid and twist outs...buns and updos only.

I WILL NOT use shampoo....only about once a month to clarify OR depending on what product i use.

NO PRODUCTS USING SULFATE! Im going to try my hardest not to use them, they dry your hair out. You already know my hair shopping list is growing even longer :(!

COWASHES/Tons and Tons of CONDITIONER! Deep Conditioning anywhere form once to twice a week.

Rollersets...blah blah u know the rest. Gotta have protective styles.

Hello Kitty + MAC= OMGsh!!

Yeeepppp! It's been confirmed, Feb 2009 will be the release of the Hello Kitty Line by MAC. Im saving from here on out! Got to have ALL the products, love me some Hello Kitty!

LOTD....keeping it LIGHT

This, to me, is as natural as it gets :)
What i used....
(ALL MAC unless otherwise stated)
SF in NC50
MSF in Warmed
Peachtwist blush
Other Worldly blush as h/l
Expresso e/s in crease
Goldmine e/s bottom lid
Jesses Girl Eye Dust in Sunlit Cactus above bottom lid blended up
RicePaper e/s as h/l
Expresso on brows as well
BTFL upper line
MARK. Eyemarker in Jet on lower line
Carbon e/s to set bottom line
Victoria Secret Beauty Rush

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chrome Yellow Blues!

Like... WTH was MAC thinking when they were making CHROME YELLOW!? Ok...looking at it and you're like....WOW!!! OOHHH!! AHHHH!!! So bright!! Uhhh, then when u swatch it, you're like *confused face* WTF!!! This is the product i sooo regret buying, seriously MUFE has a yellow out thats the bomb! So whats up with this...oh well...i have it so im trying to make do with it.

Lash You SaY??

Lashes! Where would i be without you?!?!!! I love faux lashes :) they pull off some of the best looks. I prefer only one kind of lash guessed right ARDELL! I love them, i shall not wear another!! I do have a MAC pair..they are OK (lol) and a couple others that I didnt give 2 seconds of my time. Ladies...if you dont have any, get you some..QUICK!

Monday, October 20, 2008

6 Weeks Post Relaxer...Blah..

I know it isn't long but day at a time right. I've been experimenting new ways to wear my hair, it's coming along okay. I took the material of my headband and use it as a scarfband lol. Its satiny and i like how it looks :)
Anywho this LOTD is simple Carbon..Electra...Deep Truth and Freshwater ( gotta love MAC)....ohh and Ricepaper.

Friday, October 17, 2008

MAC Passions Of Red! Coming Oct. 23rd

Devoted Poppy: 6 Classic Eyes

*Young Thing - Light creamy peach (Satin)
*In Awe - Intense black with gold pearl (Velvet)
*Fall Deeply - Frosty bright blue with white pearl (Frost)
*Amourously - Frosty antique gold (Frost)
*Sweet Eyes - Shimmery muted golden beige (Satin)
*Awaken - Frosty light green with golden pearl (Frost)

Fascinating Ruby: 6 Smokey Eyes

*Scant - Creamy white with pink pearl (Frost)
*Satin Taupe - Taupe brown with silvery bronze shimmer (Frost) (Permanent)
*Dark Devotion - Black brown (Matte)
*Gorgeous - Light silver with white pearl (Matte)
*Ambiance - Cool mid-tone grey with silver sparkle (Velvet}
*Carbon - Intense black (Matte) (Permanent)

Infatuating Rose: 6 Cool Eyes

Platonic - Frosty greyed perwinkle (Frost)
Cavort - Cool dirty lavender orchid (Satin)
Satisfy - Slightly shimmery pale ballet pink (Lustre)
Bon Fete - Frosty neutral mid-tone pink (Veluxe Pearl)
Deep Feelings - Dirty deep violet indigo (Matte)
Feast - Frosty pink plum (Velvet)

Intriguing Scarlet: 6 Warm Eyes

Warm Suede - Frosty antiqued golden olive (Veluxe Pearl)
Grand Entrance - Dirty deep green with green pearl (Satin)
Real Drama - Dirty burgundy with red pearl (Satin)
Gentle Heat - Light muted grey taupe (Satin)
Well Spiced - Frosted warm peachy brown (Satin)
Sweet Joy - Frosted creamy pale gold (Frost)

I'm so stoked... sooo I'm getting about 3 of the four palettes for my birthday and I'm just thrilled! I have a little review from Marlena over at MUG...enjoy!! All the info, pics and reviews are from her...not me :) Thanks Marlena!!


Fall is here! My favorite time of the year, sooo it's time to pull out those pretty fall colors :) For this look used MACs Goldmine, Jesses Girl Flamboyant and MACs Coppering (easy). Add some BTFL (black track fluid line by MAC)...falsies and gloss! Oh yeh..i made the lip gloss using loose pigments ans Vaseline :D!

Braidout cont...

I'm really enjoying how easy it is to wear braid outs...i did another one and just pinned a little back part up. I'm doing a tutorial on this in a few more days. I will post it on here as soon as I'm finished, as well as on YouTube.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MACs..."RED"She Said!

Wooooohoooo! You already know what time it is...POCKETS ARE GOING BROKE! All i see is red and im shooting to MAC today!!

One of my new favorite sites! All info on MAC...u can find it here :) ENJOY!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Hair Products Im Currently Using...

I was asked to put a list of hair and face products that im using, as well as a small review so here goes. I'll start with my hair first :)

ok...since im in the long process of going natural I've wiped out my cabinet of hair products for new..more "natural" ones.

New Kiwi & Citrus Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo for Dry, Brittle Hair
Creme of Nature®

Organic Kiwi & Citrus Ultra Moisturizing Shampoo gently cleanses, detangles, and conditions while infusing dry, brittle hair with moisture derived from Kiwi fruit.

New Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave-In Creme Conditioner for Dehydrated Hair
This creamy formula quickly softens, detangles, and conditions. Organic Lemongrass adds shine while Rosemary helps protect and strengthen.

New Chamomile and Comfrey Healing Conditioner for Dehydrated Hair
Pamper your hair with Creme of Nature® Chamomile & Comfrey Healing conditioner. Organic chamomile soothes and detangles while healing comfrey moisturizes and protects.

YES...this line is the truth, for all you women of color..this is for you! This is made for our hair. So...go grab some, its fabulous.

I Use profective oil sheen, its good for nourishment. Be careful not to use to much, it could be a bit overwhelming. Overall its a great product.

Elasta QP Mango ultimate favorite! Makes my hair soft and strong!!

Nooo heat as if this month, but i do own a Remington Steam/Flat Iron.

I also add honey to my cowashes (conditioner washes)
EVOO..extra virgin olive oil
Rosemary Oil
and Coconut oil as well.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My First Braid Out!!

Im on a NHJ (natural hair journey) so i've been preparing myself by trying different hairstyles that requires no with that said, take a look! :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dazzle Razzle Glam!

These babies are by Christian Louboutin! The shoes retailed for $2795... *drops jaws* They are some HAWTTTT shoes but..where in the heck would you wear them to?! I'm loving the straps and that infamous red bottom heel ;) it me...or does her feet look like they hurt already...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Power Of Words...

I woke up this morning and checked my phone...only to find that my Y! Messenger still had me logged in. Well, my bestie had sent a message that just blew me away...literally tears were coming out of my eyes. It was basically a message stating what I meant to her, the things that were in the message were words that I needed to hear from a FRIEND! You see...when u meet people in the world, and become good love them no matter what. You except the good things about them and the bad things. Only a good friend will will help you overcome and or get through those bad areas. Luckily, I have a friend that I know God placed in my life for numerous reasons. Whats even when you can confide in that friend and know that the things you tell her will never leave her mouth. So...cherish your friends and love them...even if your friends make mistakes.. YOU STILL LOVE THEM.... real friends will help you overcome the struggles of your life and the hard areas. Because of my great friend...I am overcoming mine.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Bang 4 Yo Buck!

I love me MAC...but at times they get a little to expensive for my pockets. So over the last few months I've discovered some cheapies!! Goodies that will leave you screaming for more! First off we'll start with... = Great buys! Cheap makeup, and OHHH..they do sell NYX! 3.50 people! WooooT!! Just about everything on here cost ONE DOLLAR...yess 1.00!! A buck..yes..seriously, a buck! Brushes..shadows...glosses you name it! Sign up for their mailing list and receive great discounts!! Their palettes have the whole You Tube and Makeup Forums going crazy! Although i haven't ordered anything from them yet...I'm haring great things. This is on my bday wish list as well ;)

The First PGI! (Pretty Girls' Item) Of Today...

Hello Kitty!! OMGsh...I have to have one of these PI! (Pretty Items) See...I'm a girly girl at heart and this is on my PI list.. seriously! Its so pretttyyy isnt it, hmmm..hopefully my boyfriend is reading this and knows that this is a great possible BDAY gift (lol).

In A Perfect World....

I would wake up and my face would be FLAWLESS...meaning no whiteheads/blackheads..oils...and all the icky stuff :(... BUT HEY, im getting closer using the Biore line! I wake up and my skin is less oily as well as the little bumps are like ALMOST GONE! With that said GOOD MORNING PRETTY GIRLS! Have a BLESSED DAY and always love yourself no matter what, you're BEAUTIFUL!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


OK, so i received some samples of 3 MAC pigs... Golden Lemon..Kelly Green and Gold (wooohooo) annnddd i got a NYX eyeshadow in Cherry! NYX is cheap PLUS the colors are niiicccceeee ;) I'm gonna have to come back and do some swatches, but not now..and I've already played in the Kelly Green and Golden Lemon... loved how it looked on my eyes!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

My YouTube

There is the link....

I put my first vid up today of like 3 or 4 looks Ive done in the pass, I am going to start doing tutorials soon! Im excited, I've got a lot of favorites so check them out as well!

Oily Skin Solutions...

Yucky...that's what i say when I wipe my tzone! I have combo skin and no matter what I've used over the passed years that oil seems to find its way back during the day. UNTILLLL i hooked up with Biore (lol)... i love their face products! It's not to harsh for MY SKIN and it knocks the oily areas out. The Astringent is the truth :)!

Eyebrow Threading **NEVER AGAIN**

*sighs* i will never let anyone who threads eyebrows touch mines again! She jacked me up..i mean my eyebrows were shape just horrible. And the bad part about it is i already had a natural arch... UGHH!!! It was the most horrible experience, now i have to let them grow out...

Natural Venting...

So im sitting at home with nothing to do right...trying to decide on a proper transitioning method for my hair. See...a couple months ago i decided to go natural (woohooo) and i went 5 LONG MONTHS without a about new growth out this world. So mind started back wondering to the creamy crack and i got a RELAXER :(!! Im even more pissed at myself because i want beautiful kinky hair. I was able to see my curl pattern and everything...TO HELL WITH U RELAXERS. Im off that bandwagon, here goes my journey to beautiful hair :D.

Key things to remember while going natural...

1. Its all about MOISTURE! Know the difference between that and OILS...
2. Products...the less the better
3. Protective Styles...aka Baggie Methods..Twist/Braidouts..Banktu KNots...ect ect
4. Conditioner!! LADIES LADIES LADIES.... i was COWASHING (conditioner washing only) my hair twice a week and my hair was so soft it would slip thru my hands!!
5. Believe you can do it!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Girl Is Fly!

Solange...The girl has STYLE! And i just love a woman who has her own style, the cd is HOT and she has that 70/80s vibe! Such a timeless figure, work those red hot shoes! Go Solo!

Oct 1st LOTD.

For this look i used Jesses Girl blue, MACs Deep Truth, BTFL (black track fluidline), Peachtwist Blush (MAC), and some fake lashes..popped some banging VS lipgloss and BAM! OHhh OOhh and i can't forget...MACs PP Eyes :)

There aren't anyword to express what this site means to all i can say is go check it out! The ladies are fab fab fab!

Jesses Girl Mini Haul...

As a member of, you just find out so many new brands of makeup. So, i kept hearing about Jesses Girl Cosmetics (u can purchase from Rite Aid) or Anyway, i went to Rite Aid while i was in Maryland and picked up 3 of their eyedust (ask pigments if ya like)
Now..the only thing that i don't like is the face that some of them had no name Annddd the fallout is will need to pack these on your eyes verses to just applying the regular way. So I purchased Flamboyant(red) Sunlit Cactus(green/gold) and that blue no name color. Overall, I love them and plan to get more!

M.A.C. Attack!...

Ok...before we discuss my obsession with MAC let me say this...... I DO WEAR OTHER BRANDS THAT I FEEL WORK BETTER THAN MAC IN DIFFERENT WAY... Nooowww... I LOVE ME SOME FREAKING MAC!! Ok so like i have to have every color (which im working on). You know its sad when thats all you want for birthdays..and Christmas :p. My boyfriend got me arounf 500 bucks worth of MAC makeup last year...I could've died i was so happy! Any who lets talk about my top 10 favorite MUST HAVE makeup/face products....

1. See Things Clearly Moisturizer by MARK.....oh yehhh! Check it out at, I'm talking about baby soft smooth skin ladies. Its HAWT!

2. MAC Studio Fix Foundation(powder) in NC50... (that's my shade) i love it because it LOOKS like my skin...and i don't look like some old washed up woman(lol) annddd it gives me the medium coverage i need.

3. My MAC brushes...need i say more. I'll post pics of the brushes later, they get the job DONE.

4. Lashes...they just complete any look that I'm doing.

5. MACs Lipglass/Victoria Secrets Lipglosses...hmmmm...these 2 go head to head. I love them both the same..ahhhh...

6. Blacktrack Fluid MAC as well. This is the ultimate black liner...most def must have ladies!

7. MAC e/s in Carbon...Expresso...AmberLights...DeepTruth and 5 eye shadows!

8. Biore Triple Astringent for my face....lets just say overnight flawless skin ;)

9. Dove Beauty face is nothing with out it.

10. My MAC Prep n Prime Face lotion/Prep n Prime Eye Primer! goes on creasing and everything stays in place ALL DAY LONG>

Hey Hey Hey!

Welcome to my Blog! Wow... after being apart of other bloggers site I decided to get my own ;) Anywho...this is dedicated to all the women of the world who LOOOVVVEEEESSS LIFE..MAKEUP...FASHION..and all the FABULOSITY of the world. With that being said, WELCOME.... first and formost love everything about yourself! Beauty is only skin deep, never forget that. My purpose is keep everyone updated on the latest "pretty things" of the world. Sooooo...stay tuned :D!