Thursday, October 30, 2008

GettinG 2 Know Me ;)

Where do you get your clothes and shoes? hmmm...I am very picky. If I'm shopping for jeans then they really have to be pricey...simply because I have to much going on in the back and I cant wear cheapies...Stores?! I'm open to any store as long as it catches my eye.

What is your everyday skin regimen? Cleanse morning and night, followed by day/night lotion with toner.

What shampoo do you use? I cowash (conditioner wash) I'm going natural so shampoo right now is a nono.

What do you put in your hair before you style it? Leave In Con. and some type of oil.

How many shoes do you have? I don't even know...

How many bags do you have? don't know that one either

What is your favorite snack? Ice Cream Sand.

When did you start collecting makeup? years ago

Are you a makeup artist? On my way...

Do you like Beyonce? The girl has major skills!

Color i use for foundation? NC50...that's only when i put it on.

Do you have a myspace? Yep :)

How often do i clean my brushes? Alot

Do you use heat on your hair? Not anymore

Are you in a relationship? Yes, almost 2 years...he worships the ground I walk on.. I LOVE HIM!

Kids? :).... a stepson.

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