Friday, October 3, 2008

Natural Venting...

So im sitting at home with nothing to do right...trying to decide on a proper transitioning method for my hair. See...a couple months ago i decided to go natural (woohooo) and i went 5 LONG MONTHS without a about new growth out this world. So mind started back wondering to the creamy crack and i got a RELAXER :(!! Im even more pissed at myself because i want beautiful kinky hair. I was able to see my curl pattern and everything...TO HELL WITH U RELAXERS. Im off that bandwagon, here goes my journey to beautiful hair :D.

Key things to remember while going natural...

1. Its all about MOISTURE! Know the difference between that and OILS...
2. Products...the less the better
3. Protective Styles...aka Baggie Methods..Twist/Braidouts..Banktu KNots...ect ect
4. Conditioner!! LADIES LADIES LADIES.... i was COWASHING (conditioner washing only) my hair twice a week and my hair was so soft it would slip thru my hands!!
5. Believe you can do it!!

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