Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chrome Yellow Blues!

Like... WTH was MAC thinking when they were making CHROME YELLOW!? Ok...looking at it and you're like....WOW!!! OOHHH!! AHHHH!!! So bright!! Uhhh, then when u swatch it, you're like *confused face* WTF!!! This is the product i sooo regret buying, seriously MUFE has a yellow out thats the bomb! So whats up with this...oh well...i have it so im trying to make do with it.


Ms. Vanessa said...

Hey girl, I have that SAME shadow, but try this. I use like a cream base under it, like the NYX Jumbo pencils for example. It brings the color out a hell of a lot more than it would just on it's own. I hope that helps. :0)

Traycee said...

OH wow Chrome Yellow is one of my favorites...hahaha

Go figure