Monday, October 6, 2008

Bang 4 Yo Buck!

I love me MAC...but at times they get a little to expensive for my pockets. So over the last few months I've discovered some cheapies!! Goodies that will leave you screaming for more! First off we'll start with... = Great buys! Cheap makeup, and OHHH..they do sell NYX! 3.50 people! WooooT!! Just about everything on here cost ONE DOLLAR...yess 1.00!! A buck..yes..seriously, a buck! Brushes..shadows...glosses you name it! Sign up for their mailing list and receive great discounts!! Their palettes have the whole You Tube and Makeup Forums going crazy! Although i haven't ordered anything from them yet...I'm haring great things. This is on my bday wish list as well ;)

1 comment:

Sunshyne said...

I alwasy stock that coastal scents site. Their 88 shimmery palette is on my wishlist.