Thursday, October 2, 2008

M.A.C. Attack!...

Ok...before we discuss my obsession with MAC let me say this...... I DO WEAR OTHER BRANDS THAT I FEEL WORK BETTER THAN MAC IN DIFFERENT WAY... Nooowww... I LOVE ME SOME FREAKING MAC!! Ok so like i have to have every color (which im working on). You know its sad when thats all you want for birthdays..and Christmas :p. My boyfriend got me arounf 500 bucks worth of MAC makeup last year...I could've died i was so happy! Any who lets talk about my top 10 favorite MUST HAVE makeup/face products....

1. See Things Clearly Moisturizer by MARK.....oh yehhh! Check it out at, I'm talking about baby soft smooth skin ladies. Its HAWT!

2. MAC Studio Fix Foundation(powder) in NC50... (that's my shade) i love it because it LOOKS like my skin...and i don't look like some old washed up woman(lol) annddd it gives me the medium coverage i need.

3. My MAC brushes...need i say more. I'll post pics of the brushes later, they get the job DONE.

4. Lashes...they just complete any look that I'm doing.

5. MACs Lipglass/Victoria Secrets Lipglosses...hmmmm...these 2 go head to head. I love them both the same..ahhhh...

6. Blacktrack Fluid MAC as well. This is the ultimate black liner...most def must have ladies!

7. MAC e/s in Carbon...Expresso...AmberLights...DeepTruth and 5 eye shadows!

8. Biore Triple Astringent for my face....lets just say overnight flawless skin ;)

9. Dove Beauty face is nothing with out it.

10. My MAC Prep n Prime Face lotion/Prep n Prime Eye Primer! goes on creasing and everything stays in place ALL DAY LONG>

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