Monday, October 27, 2008

Im So Excited :)

My BDAY is coming up this Friday and I've been holding off for a few things, my boyfriend and I will be heading out on the weekend to do some shopping AHHHHHHH!!! LOL...sooo, one place that is a MUST is SEPHORA! I want to try out some new things, I'm a MAC girl at heart but, I have to try new things right?! One of the things I want to pick up is Urban Decay's Book Of Shadows. The colors seem to be off the hook (I hope) it comes with their primer, the infamous Urban Decay Primer Potion, which I have yet to try. Another thing I want is some good ole' NARS blush. I am a sucker for blush, and you can never have to many! I prefer the peachy blushes, and some shades of pretty pinks. Hmmm....what else, oh yeh...BRUSHES! I need new brushes for sure, so FRIDAY I will be out spending by BDAY with my babes and stepson and then SATURDAY its off for some shopping...WOOHOOO BABY!....

Pretty Girls, have a blessed day :)

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