Monday, January 19, 2009

I Am Dieting...Wish Me Luck :)

This was me a year ago..................................^^^^^^ I've gained about 10lbs maybe 15 since :(
Yes..I am officially on a diet. I don't just want to lose lots of weight because I LOVE my body shape! I'm a curvy woman....I measured my hips and they are a whopping 50!! Hey what can I mama is a hippy/butt lady so that's where it all originated from ;) But I just want to get healthy and tone up for this year. Working out and light dieting, so if anyone of my readers are dieting....whats your regimen??


Treadmillinp said...

woww ur really pretty

good luck on ur diet

: - ]

bubblegarm said...

u look lovely, ive put on some weight too.. im going to cut out artificial sugar :)

princessvalecia said...

lots of water no soda lots of fruits and veggies low on the processed carbs high on the lean protiens. I try to stay with in 1200-1575 calories per day and at least 4 workouts a week. Feel free to join my transformation blog if you'd like it might help you out

Dwana said...

Best wishes, I'm down almost 50lbs and the only regret is loosing my behind. Girl, I used to have back that would put Jennifer and Kim to I just have a hinney! LOL
I think I want to loose about 10 more and maintain it from there. If you're on YT try init2winit. I just start and it's a nice asset.
Best advise. No matter what you're told never deprive yourself of anything. Just learn to make healthier choices. From day one I knew I would NEVER eat fat free anything. That still stands (minus my salad dressing.) Drink A LOT of water. H2O is a natural fat burner and appetite suppressant.
You can do this. Now is the best time, anyway. You're going to be a PROBLEM by summer, girl!

athena said...

well i am dieting right now tryna get ready for the summer early lol i tried so many different ones that were just crazy even the master cleanse but now im on the asian diet i just go by there food pyramid and so far im losing inches

.::Pink.Kitty::. said...

Hey Girl!! Lots of luck on your diet. I know its hard, it has been for me but im still going at it. Since my last baby that was back in March 08. I have been in a diet and succesfully went down 40lbs. I have been going to a nutritionist & that has helped me a lot. I also go to this place that they make me natural shakes to get rid of toxins and all that has done so much for me. I also work out to my fav Persona Training DVD's. So when you feel like ok you know what I see no improvment thats just your mind, trust me. Just keep going even if u feel you dont see anything happening for you. And at the end of the yr you will see results. Hey maybe months it all depends how stricked you become. So Good Luck!



Jmilz86 said...

Sign up with! I am a member and its good because i can count my calories there! If i eat taco bell, i type in taco bell and pick what i ate and BAM calories. I am drinking more water, NO SODA, limited juice. I am making sure to eat atleast 3x a day! I added wheat bread to my diet, instead of potato or white. Add fruit and veggies to ur daily intake. I also added fish, tilapia to be exact, and it has been great! I lost 4 lbs so far with out exercise in 2 weeks!

Princess Katrina said...

I think you look amazing! I know that you won't be satisfied until you are exactly how you want to be...just like me and any other girl no matter how much anyone convinces you, but trust dont need to do much at all! I think that your plan to work out and do light dieting is perfect! Its perfect for everyday even if your not trying to lose weight!

I lost my most weight when I ate lots of meals a day but very small portions and I tried my best to stay away from sweets. I worked out a lot for 2 months and then slowly that started to fall apart but I stuck with my eating wasnt very strict...just ate whatever I wanted but in small portions! Lots of protein and stay away from the carbs later on in the day (eating carbs for lunch is the best so you can burn off all the calories by night time) My metabolism kicked into overdrive and I dropped about 15 pounds and quick! :)

Have fun with it and don't get too obsessed with it, because then it could become and unhealthy habit! And besides, you really dont need all that.

You look GORGEOUS!!!

L said...

Good luck girl!

I think you saw my post with how I did my diet...? Defn cut out the sugar and soda.

But i think you look great and who doesn't love curvy women?! you betta thank ya momma. ;)

Meg said...

I've been on a diet since Jan 1 and so far so good. I'm just trying to focus on eating healthier, small but frequent meals and lowering my overall calorie intake. I also work out and hit the gym a few times a week. I've lost a few pounds so far and I'm feeling pretty good :)

Good luck! What are you doing for your diet?