Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MAC Colour Ready Collection April 2 2009

Ok so this collection has repromotes...tons! But it does seems to focus on the preparinf for skin! Here are a few pics thanks to!

Lipstick ($14.00 US/$16.50 CDN)
Show Orchid Vivid hot pink
Impassioned Amped up fuchsia

Eyeshadow ($14.50 US/$17.00 CDN)
Bitter Vivid bright golden green flecked with shimmer
White Frost Vivid bright white with icy shimmer

Penultimate Eye Liner ($16.50 US/$20.00 CDN)
Rapid Black True Black

Eye Brows ($14.50 US/$17.50 CDN)
Stud Deep rich blackened brown

Prep + Prime Line Filler ($19.50 US/$23.50 CDN)

Prep + Prime Skin Refined Zone ($19.50 US/$23.50 CDN)

Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder ($21.00 US/$25.00 CDN)

Brush ($34.00 US/$41.00 CDN)
129SH All-purpose for blush or face powder. This brush is particularly good for blush application. The fibers are soft and form a full, rounded shape.


Yas said...

Love the Bitter Vivid es. Thanks so much for the pics & details darling...have a wonderful rest of your week!

princessvalecia said...

hmmm this one isnt as impressive as the rest I'll probably pass on this collection

TheUrbanExecutive said...

hey princess i noticed that you were following my blog. i want to thank you for that and i w anted to personally let u know that.. i changed the link of the blog from to

Pyt08 said...

dude.... like so glad you posted about this! i sooo have to trek on over to nordstroms to make sure i get my appointment for this event! you sooo rock!

THE SECRET DIARY (TheSecretDiary) said...

do you have any collection for pretty bois - for men?