Sunday, February 22, 2009

Everything A Woman Must Do Atleast ONCE!

Is dress up and feel beautiful, by this I mean step out of your comfort zone! Put on a little makeup and a little sexy outfit to glamorize yourself! Your hubby/man/S.O/will enjoy it! Every man loves a woman who is confident in her own skin! Every man loves a woman who can most def turn the sexy on! only a beauty enhancer, play around with never know what your outcome may be! So to all you Plane Janes, spark it up every now and then and let the diva come's so much fun!


Pro's Hood said...

Thank u for this one...i needed this today

Tiffany said...

Thanks honey! Yes, it always feels good to get all glamorous and diva-ish! It makes you feel like a whole new person with that extra glow. =D

DPrincess28 said...

I agree 100%. In fact, the thing I love most about being a woman is having the ability to transform myself with hair, makeup, clothes, etc. Being a girl is so much fun!