Friday, November 21, 2008

Are You Ready??

For the holidays? Is it me or did time fly by like...wayyyyy to fast?! I mean Turkey day is not even a week away and the BAMMM there goes Christmas *sighs* where is time when you really need it? So pretty ladies...what's on your Christmas list? Hmmm *thinking* I do have a big one...I am loving the Dame Edna collection but I'm bot feeling the packaging *bleh* I MIGHT get one of the trio shadows but hey.....who knows. Now..Hello Kitty..different story...I will be getting the shadows, 1 blush and the glosses...all that other shit can stay. I love me some HK...*I'm a die hard girly girl* but they could have left her white and pink (although i love me some pink and black)... As of now my list is semi long so... we'll see how long it gets before the big day :)

What's on your list??

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Amina said...

oh yes! time is flying!! i am like wait, i need some time to write all the papers due by the first week of december...aargh..
my xmas list is ridiculous...
either i'll have to eat ramen noodle the whole month or just have to accept that i don't really need another blush