Friday, November 14, 2008

Revlon's Mix and Mingle Palette/Soft On The Eyes Pigment

RAVVVEEE! I went to Walgreen's last night with the boys and WHOOAAA...they were having some type of super sale going on. I mean...there were like makeup products that were 7 and 8 dollars off *shocked face*! Anywho...I hurried my big behind right over and began looking QUICK! I grabbed 3 things, a Revlon lip palette and 2 Revlon loose pigment palettes! The lipgloss has 3 different colors in it and goes on so smooth I think I may go buy like 4 or 5 more! The loose shadows are nice, the lighter colors look a little chalky but will work with a great primer!


Kimberly Tia said...

oooo these look FUN! -- u should swatch them so we could seee!!!

time for me to go visit walgreens, i love going there - and checking out their clerance shelves too for beauty goods.

go you!

XoXo*E*XoXo said...

i will do that girl! Thanks for stopping by!! Walgreens is tooo addictive ;)