Sunday, November 9, 2008

Random About Me...

what do you love to do: makeup

if u could tell 1 person something right now, what would it be: God Bless You

if you had nothing to do all day with a full tank of gas where would you go: to every makeup store possible

who is your all time best friend: Nikki

do you love them enough to give them your toes: yep, and fingers too

what is your favorite fingernail polish: pretty baby pink

are you prissy: says I'm very prissy lol

are you a girly girl: YES AND PROUD

whats your favorite eyeshadow: Goldmine by MAC

hows your hair: very fine and smooth I just got it cut and I'm transitioning YAY ME!

what's your favorite lipgloss: hmmm... my VS Babydoll l/g

whats your favorite pigment: Gold by MAC

what makes you laugh: all kinds of things

kids: not yet ;)

what song are you playing over and over again: Beyonce..Flaws And All

do you/can you cook: ohh yeessss

do you own alot of makeup: I need help...I have lots..I'm totally obsessed

what's your everyday look: lipgloss and mascara, and sometimes some MSF for a nice glow

flats or pumps: both..pumps are a must

what is sexy to you: being comfortable and confident in your own skin no matter how you look

5 products you want to get: hmmm...tooo many

Do you have a boyfriend: yep :)

How long have you 2 been together: Almost 2 years

Do you like blogging: I love it!

Any last words: Nite Nite

Nite lades

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Pyt08 said...

thats because girly girls rock!